Town of Clarendon Vermont

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Clarendon Vermont Taxes

Clarendon Taxes

Board of Listers:
Art Menard, George Ambrose, Bob Underhill
 (802) 775-1536 ext.1

Heidi Congdon
 (802) 775-1536 ext.2

Delinquent Tax Collector:
Tammy Hogenauer
(802) 775-1536 ext.3

 FY 18 Tax Rate


Declare Your Homestead

It's easy to remember. 

File annually by April 15th!

Filing is easy online here or call 1-866-828-2865

You need to declare if:

  • You are domiciled in Vermont
  • You own and occupy your property as your primary residence as of April 1st

You can download the flyer here or view the Homestead Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) here.