Town of Clarendon Vermont

Town of Clarendon Vermont

Welcome to our improved website. Here you will find most of the information pertaining to the town of Clarendon Vermont. We are still in the process of getting things online and ready so please excuse anything that may not be functioning properly yet. We are working hard to improve our online presence and bring you the information you need easier.



Clarendon Town Meeting Warning

Here is the warning for Town Meeting Day Tuesday March 1, 2016. Warning

Feb. 1, 2016 - There is a revised article 3. There was a typo error - no change to the budget. revision

Clarendon Town School District Warning

Here is the Clarendon Town School District Warning for the Annual School District Meeting and Town of Clarendon School District Warning Act 153 School District Consolidation. Warning

Clarendon Election News

Any town with over 1,000 registered voters is now required by the state to use a tabulator to tally votes. The Town of Clarendon currently has 1,733 registered voters so we will begin using our tabulator for the March 1, 2016 Town Meeting and Presidential Primary. The State now has two new websites; one for Online Voter Registration and one for your personal info My Voter Page.  Here is the Newsletter Write Up.

Also, here are the links for the two websites:

Online Voter Registration link -

My Voter Page link -

Town of Clarendon Planning Commission Materials

The Planning Commission has been working on the Town Plan and having informational meetings. Here are some of the materials to be reviewed. There are three presentations and four maps. Presentation1  Presentation 2  Presentation 3   Map1  Map 2  Map 3 Map 4  Map 5 Here is the draft Town Plan and the Update Report for the Town Plan.

Town of Clarendon Select Board Meetings are on PEG-TV

You can go to the link for PEG-TV on the town website go to the contacts page and click on PEG-TV or go to Click on TV schedule to see when our Select Board meetings are on PEG TV  OR  Click on TV schedule, Watch Live Stream, playlist, PEG TV 21 Municipal, then find Clarendon Select Board and pick a date. 


Clarendon Notice of vacancy for Zoning Administrator